Run PS3 Games on Android with New Emulator APK!

Excellent new for all gamers today! Running PlayStation 3 games on mobile phones is now possible with new PS3 emulator for Android operating systems.

Developers of this software made a hard work which took months then expected since this console was demanding job to tweak to be optimized as Android supported application. Just imagine that big sized SONY’s machine to get minimized as just one mobile app which should emulate PS3 console with smartphones hardware specifications.

PS3 Emulator APK

Like its creators claim, running games on this emulator will be very easy since it has its own server with all PlayStation 3 games uploaded on. So all user have to do is connect to it trough emulator inside and either play desired game from online server or download it to their device and play it whenever they want offline. This saves a lots of time for anyone since finding games on web is time-eating exhausting work.

Download App:
You can get PS3 emulator PS3Mobi Apk from where there are direct links to get it for free.

How to use the tool:
It’s very simple to start playing games with this program. Installation goes normally like with any other Android application. Wait until its done and run the app. There when you first open it a setup page will appear with main settings to set by your choice. Which means controls, sounds and graphics settings. This depends on user what someone prefers so as it varies from person to person we’ll not post some specific settings for everyone since we’re all different.
Next step is choosing and running your desired game to play. Here just go to games tab at the top bar, connect to server and choose a title you’d like to play. Tab “Start Game” button and that’s it! Enjoy yourself!

Some GamePlay ScreenShots:

God of War 3 Android
God of War III
Dark Souls 2 on Android
Dark Souls 2
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