BolXEmu is a new emulator for Xbox One & Xbox 360 games

In recent news from rapidly growing gaming world, one application is attracting thousands of players these days. The BolXEmu is emulator for Xbox One and older “360” console. Compatible with more then 90% of titles from both of Microsoft’s consoles, this beast of software makes a gamer only need to own a desktop computer to play both Xbox’s and PC’s supported games.


For those who’re interested to try and download it, visit BolXEmu’s website.

It’s supported for even mobile OS, Android and iOS. However playing on smartphone will not give you experience like running on desktop PC since the original Xbox games are also made for bigger TV screens.
But mobile app is averagely coordinated when it comes to controls, so you can still have some fun with it.

Computer version will work on Mac and Windows operating systems.

Developers of BolXEmu have noticed that Xbox consoles have very similar software core functionality like Windows operating system. This is obvious if you think more deeply because both of them are produced by Microsoft.
They managed to crack inside Xbox One’s main source code located in motherboard’s chip and using a patched loop holes they extracted the data what they’ve used later to adapt it on a PC.
After first successful attempt on Windows it’s more easy to later adjust it for other operating systems like Mac, APK and iOS.

And being the top rated Xbox One emulator app currently, BolXEmu is highly recommended software to have installed for any gamer.

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