How to Hack Facebook Password & Protect Account from Hacking – Guide

In this guide we’ll show you a most featured ways used to hack Facebook account password. Besides that we’ll teach you how to protect your profile from hackers and their various attacks as well.

All information contained here should be used for personal purposes only! It’s not allowed to use these information to crack into other peoples accounts.

To learn all these methods and understand how this “black-hat” process in computing world works, first you’ll gonna need to study each part step by step. And then later all this will make sense to you, because it’s like a some kind of puzzle let’s say.

In last two years a number of stolen Facebook accounts has increased about 200% more then two years before that. Which means FB is still becoming more and more popular each day, especially in third world countries who just got internet access recently because Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg financed a satellite internet signal to these countries so they can use Facebook and be a part of this social network community as well.
If you have problems with hacked FB profile you can take a look at official help from their help center.

Methods to Hack a Facebook Account:

1. Using Special Software

Facebook Hack Tool

Recently this is most popular and promising method which hackers invented a while ago. A group of anonymous coders from one black-hat related forum published their software to public in purpose to show how Facebook is still vulnerable to those attacks.

They tool is based on brute-force cracking system. Means it attacks login page with combination of hundreds different passwords per second until it guess a right one. App has proxies built inside as well. This prevents FB from blocking the tool until few unsuccessful login tries since it changes its IP address frequently.
This app is connected to offshore server where it draws IPs from and from where it automatically updates itself each time a new version comes out.
Their developers decided to share it for free on its own website as a contribution to the world so people can recover password fast of their forgotten FB accounts.

Download Facebook Hack Tool:

You can download it from

App is supported for both desktop and mobile devices, including operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android (Apk) and iOS.

While the program is invented to be used for password recovery purposes only, people misuse it to break into accounts of others, which is strictly prohibited by authors of this app.

2. Infecting Victims Computer or Mobile phones with Spyware (Trojan horse)

Facebook Password Finder
Spyware or “Trojan horse” is a program built to spy on someones activity on certain device. There are few types of them.
Some save keystrokes entered on keyboard in a text file which can be sent anonymously to an email address. These are called “keyloggers”. Some takes screenshots from victims device and send them on your email while can log strokes as well. These advanced ones are called RATs (Remote Administration Tool).
Some of the best ones are DarkComet, ProRAT, PoisonIvy, CyberGate and NjRAT. Do a Google search if you’d like to download them. Some even have their own official websites which means clean safe download without getting infected.

While these programs are built primarily for safety purposes like parental control or employees monitoring, people misuse it for illegal activities like hacking accounts, spying, or stealing information online.

A goal here is to install a trojan on device you wish to spy and stay undetected. There are two ways how it can get installed: Remotely and physically. Physical way is more simple of course. But you don’t have hand to hand access to anyone’s computer or phone. Only people who’re very close to you can get infected like this, like family members or boyfriend/girlfriend and so.
Remotely installation is much more complex and you should have a good plan for this. In hacking world this is called a “social engineering”. You have to trick a victim somehow to run your pre-made executable file on their PC.
There are programs which can help you here and bind your spyware server with other files like images or music mp3 files. So it will be easier to trick someone like sending him/her some good song to listen attached in email address, and when they open it your virus will be run as well at same time, but hidden in background.

How to Protect your Account from Hacking

1. Have a good Anti-Virus Protection

This is most important way to stop majority of hacking attempts to your computer and your online accounts as well. The key here is always have up to date version so your antivirus can stop any new malware which got released. Of course this is not 100% safe protection as well because some highly skilled hackers can make their trojans to be fully undetected and bypass and antivirus software which exist. But useful to stop more then 90% ones for sure.
To know which are best antivirus tools you can check out good rating site of them.

2. Use Strong Complex Password

If you use easy passwords which are made of just one word, someone who knows you closely might just guess it easily if he tries to login to your FB profile. Complicated passwords made of both letters and numbers are more hard to break, especially if you add some special character to it as well, like !, #, -, etc.

3. Don’t Download Suspicious Files from Internet

Especially the ones which automatically offers itself to download with pop-ups windows. These are almost always either adware or spyware programs made to scam you in one way or another. If you really want that file you downloaded, first scan it on some online multiple antivirus scan tools like or similar ones.

4. Enable Security Notifications in Your Facebook Profile

In your account security settings, it’s possible to turn on notifications to your email address or SMS message when someone from different location or device then yours tries to login or logins to your profile. This is most important thing of all these to surely know when someone wants to hack you. Must have option!

This is it. Your Facebook account should be fully safe now. Hope you’ve learned something new today!

More useful guides coming soon, stay tuned!

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