Which is Better, iOS or Android? (Advantages and disadvantages of Both)

iOS vs AndroidWhile shopping for phones, most people are torn between two main platforms; iOS and Android. However, Android does take the bigger share of the market since most phone makers tend to make use of it. In terms of how often the two platforms make an entrance in the market; Android seems to release a new phone almost every other day while iOS takes its time with the phones released into the market (at least once a year).

Over the years, both platforms have made improvements and filled gaps that needed filling.

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms:

Advantages of Android

      • You get plenty of functional apps with it. This is great news considering that there are so many apps on the market and a need for so many of them.
      • You don’t get to part with an arm and a leg in order to own an Android phone since they are relatively inexpensive. iOS on the other hand requires you to pay a premium fee in order to own one. You can find a number of competitively priced android phones on the market with plenty of near-high-end features to comfortably compete with the iOS platform.

    • You get plenty of innovative hardware features with the android platform.
  • You get to enjoy deeper customization with Android phones. There are plenty of ways one can customize their Android device to suit their needs from manipulating the home screen to changing the default fonts plus a lot more in between!
  • You don’t have to worry about carrying your charger everywhere you go since most Android phones get to enjoy the benefit of using a universal charging port.

Disadvantages of Android

  • There is limited memory available for storage on a number of these phones. Much as you may add a memory card to the phone, the actual system storage tends to be small. This limits the fun you might have enjoyed with using the phone since you can’t enjoy playing large games for example.
  • It can be frustrating to enjoy large apps or games on some phones since just as you are beginning to enjoy yourself, you get an ‘error force’ message.
  • Thanks to so many background processes on those phones, data connection can be a pain since plenty of it gets to be chewed up. This means that if you are not using an unlimited data plan, you get to spend lots of money to remain connected.
  • Another problem that tends to arise as a result of so many background activities is battery drainage in mobile phones. Battery performance tends to slow down with the increase in the usage of RAM.
  • You get to deal with malware from the Google play store when you own it. This means that a lot of care has to be taken as you download apps from the store.

Advantages of iOS

  • You get to enjoy timely OS updates with the Apple platform. Even with older devices, you still get to enjoy the latest update which is not the case with Android phones.
  • You get to enjoy cross-device synching that cannot be matched by other platforms. For example, in case you were reading an article on your phone, you don’t have to scroll through the page looking for where you left off when you pick up the reading on your tablet!
  • With iOS, you get to enjoy consistent hardware upgrade cycles
  • There are plenty of high-quality and creative apps on the iOS platform for your enjoyment
  • Compared to the Android platform, there are fewer malware problems for you to worry about.

Disadvantages of iOS

  • You can’t enjoy flexibility with iOS since it only supports these devices
  • The platform is not open source
  • The apps are costly and mainly have no widget support present
  • It will cost you an arm and a leg to get an iOS device
  • Compared to other mobile platforms, applications tend to be quite large
  • You only get to utilize one SIM with the iOS platform unlike the dual SIM usage that can be enjoyed with most Android phones.

These are some advantages and disadvantages of both the platforms. So, if you are going to buy a new smartphone then you should first have a look at this. May be it can help you in making the right decision.

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