About Us

The Tech Mogul is a brand new blog about technology stuff founded by two IT enthusiasts from London who decided to devote their knowledge and skills into sharing it with others.

We believe anything you learn and know which can be used as a benefit to others needs to get given in return one day. That’s why this website was opened at first place.
Our skills we’ve learned in past twenty years include many different programming languages including C, C#, C++, Java & Python. Web languages are what we mastered as well (PHP, html & CSS). We’re members of many “hacking” and security related forums over the web where we have learned many methods and tricks to break into online accounts and guides to protect against same ones.

All of this information what we know we decided to share in posts at this blog and teach others people interested to learn how to gain stated knowledge.

Everyone of us was a newbies in something once, so it’s never late to try and learn new things, if you have a willing for that of course.
We will do our best to help everyone who have interest in these technology stuff and share all we know with you in our articles.

Become a part of our community and bookmark this site right away! You won’t regret it if you call yourself a “geek” guy 🙂

See you in our posts!
TheTechMogul team