Which is Better, iOS or Android? (Advantages and disadvantages of Both)

iOS vs AndroidWhile shopping for phones, most people are torn between two main platforms; iOS and Android. However, Android does take the bigger share of the market since most phone makers tend to make use of it. In terms of how often the two platforms make an entrance in the market; Android seems to release a new phone almost every other day while iOS takes its time with the phones released into the market (at least once a year).

Over the years, both platforms have made improvements and filled gaps that needed filling.

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms:

Advantages of Android

  • You get plenty of functional apps with it. This is great news considering that there are so many apps on the market and a need for so many of them.
  • You don’t get to part with an arm and a leg in order to own an Android phone since they are relatively inexpensive. iOS on the other hand requires you to pay a premium fee in order to own one. You can find a number of competitively priced android phones on the market with plenty of near-high-end features to comfortably compete with the iOS platform.

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How to Choose BEST Laptop for Gaming

Best gaming laptopThere are many games on the market, but which equipment is best suited for playing them? There are some gaming PCs/ laptops in the market, however, finding the right one may not be a piece of cake. Regardless of the one you choose, the processor will play a major role in how well you get to play the game- the better the processor, the greater the impact you will get on performance. Before determining which notebook for gaming you should buy, you should have a good idea of the kind of games you will be playing. For example, in case you plan on playing high-end ones, then you should seriously consider going for laptops with good memory capacity and an excellent processor.

Currently, at the top of the game is Intel’s eight-core processor which is found in the Core i7 family. Ideally, budget-allowing, you should aim for six or eight-core Intel Core i7 or the high-end AMD 10. In case you don’t have much money to spend, then you can go with the quad-core i5 or AMD A8. Continue reading “How to Choose BEST Laptop for Gaming”